International Slave Trade

Trading Slaves One Life At A Time 


The International Slave Trade connects eager buyers with human workers who are forced to obey and work excessively hard without pay. The benefits of not having to pay your workers is pretty clear. You won’t have to worry about your bottom line anymore, and your ideas for corporate expansion can be made into reality by converting your paid workforce to a slave workforce. Those who choose International Slave Trade will be provided with the obedient slaves who you can work to the bone. We offer athletes who do not require contracts. We offer laborers who do not need to be paid by the hour. We offer receptionists and secretaries who stay awake when you are awake. We offer call center, helpline, and customer service representatives who have no objections to dealing with disgruntled customers. No job is too dangerous. No work is too hard. We have the right slave for any position you need to fill. Our slaves work harder than any other slaves. Best of all, you can have them all for a one time fee!

Slavery has timeless traditions of effectiveness when it comes to lucrative business operations. If you choose to pay employees or contractors, consider yourself fighting an uphill battle when your competitors can just hire slaves. The most important thing to remember when you buy slaves is that you only have to pay for them once, and then you can continue to reap the benefits of their bondage for years to come. Trust the captivity professionals at International Slave Trade with all of your labor and servitude needs and contact us now to make sure you get the slaves that are right for you. They are one of a kind, and they are going fast! Get yours while supplies last!